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RE: [Snort-users] Receive Only Cable...I agree a DoS or maybe some type of
flood could be used to "hide" a real attack, but that is about all that I
could think of.

Frank - Not a bad idea, as not everyone is hardware savy, but you would need
a good res to those all those tiny wires

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I guess any type of ICMP and UDP flood/DoS would still work.
Afterall, if Snort can see the packet, the system can.

Getting in as far as hacking..... I don't think so, since no data
leaves the interface (well, the cable more or less :)


PS: I was contemplating making a little How-to video of the creation
of the cable (since I get this asked a lot). Is there interest in
such a 'how do you crimp a funky cable' mpeg?
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     I setup a receive only cable as described in the Snort FAQ,
works like a charm!!  I was just wondering with this cable and the
interface it is plugged into set up as stealth, can anyone describe a
possible attack which can still get to this box?


Chris Arsenault

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