[Snort-users] Red Hat or Mandrake?

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Mon Jan 14 12:38:02 EST 2002

Hmmm, I might pick a couple of points with that..

1. Mandrake "was" based closely on Redhat to begin with, but they are more a
distro in thier own right now.
2. Mandrake usually has much more up to date packages then Redhat, (ie
mandrake 8.1 came out over a month before Redhat 7.2, and yet it has a newer
kernel (2.4.8-x) and other packages.
3. Mandrake supports more different filesystems then Redhat.
4. While mandrake does indeed have more user friendly features when Redhat,
it also has server wizards and other things, (including security stuff) to
make things easier for admins as well.
5. Mandrake powerpack comes with both Snort and Prelude.
6. Mandrake comes standard with Postfix, which is smaller faster and seems
to be more secure then sendmail.
7. Mandrake has the ExtraNet Apache webserver, which from my useage, appears
to be faster then standard apache.

I could go on,, I just wanted to point out that Mandrake isnt' just a Newbie
"ex winblows" distro, there is more to it then that.. and I quickly get rid
of the newbie stuff anyway.



PS, I dont' have any affiliation with Mandrake, Redhat or anyone else, (cept
my boss. :-)

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On 14 Jan 2002 at 13:10, CGI wrote:

> My question is Red Hat or Mandrake? Some remarks are
> welcome!

I would recommend Redhat. Mandrake is based on redhat with features added on
to make it
more newbie friendly and since you have unix experience you don't need it.

I've been using redhat linux at work for several years along side with
Solaris 8 server and its
been working well. It's been used as webpage server, fileserver, weather
data processing, IDS
and mailserver.

Also I find redhat to have fast security updates which are easy to find at

Reach out and /usr/bin/touch someone

Steve O
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