[Snort-users] Switched network woes..

Joe Pampel joe at ...3851...
Mon Jan 14 07:17:10 EST 2002

Hi all..

It was the best of times, it was, well, also a pain in the rear. No more hubs for my little corner of the universe and now that the firewall is clustered I am presented with an irritating IDS situation:

Each switch only allows one port to be mirrored - eg: one monitor port and one port where you watch all traffic. (Nortel 450-24T's fwiw) The switches that the firewalls go into are cascaded, (one FW nic into each sw) on both the inside and outside.. so it would appear I need 4 sensors just to watch the firewalls now.. is there a shortcut for this? (short of plugging back into hubs!) it would be nice if there was some way to sniff off the VIP of the FW cluster.. although I don't see how that would work... I can get it down to 3 easily by just monitoring the edge router ethernet port and massaging the snort config to ignore all the stuff that's not ours.. how can I get back to 2 sensors?

Any brilliant shortcuts for this? I don't see any way around 3-4 sensors but just thougth I'd ask.. If the cluster expands I won't be able to fully monitor it.. and I've gotten really used to monitoring it. 


- Joe

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