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Sun Jan 13 06:32:04 EST 2002

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> Have a look at the email thread that John Sage 
> <jsage at ...2022...> and I
> had on this same subject a while back on the list.  IIRC, some of 
> his findings
> seem to contradict some things that I had thought.  Now, I could 
> be smoking
> crack, but I don't know who's right any more.  :)  Anyone want to 
> jump in and
> save my sanity?  If not, I'm going out and have a rather good
> single malt scotch.  Research shall have to wait 'till Monday!

Hi all,
I've also had an e-mail exchange with John Sage on this, following my
similar question to the list.
Since a lot is still unclear about snort's behaviour on(!) a firewall
box and I don't have the ability to test anything (I'm just a student
with one hobby server) I can only offer my personal experiences.

On my humble little server running linux-2.2.16-3 with
ipchains-1.3.9-5 and libpcap-0.6.2-7 Snort does NOT see all traffic
reaching the outside interface. The ipchains ruleset is as paranoid
as possible since a bunch of ports are open (the box has about a
dozen servers running), but only traffic targetted at open ports is
seen by snort. I get a lot of CodeRed/Nimda related activity and some
Squid proxy scans, but not much else.

The box is connected directly to a cable modem device, so there's no
switches involved. Neither is the ISP filtering any traffic (that I
know of).

I don't know enough about the layers of networking to know why my box
doesn't do what Matt's boxes do, so I'll leave that to the experts
(i.e. you).
Hope this helps build a general consensus. :-) (and ease Erek's
> G'nite for now...

and a good morning too, Erek!
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