[Snort-users] any guidane would be appreciated...papers?

Que Jaleo jale0 at ...125...
Sat Jan 12 14:53:02 EST 2002


I work for a large company who really cares about "the bottom line" and 
security for responsibility's sake is not in the forefront of management's 
"checklist"...are there any good papers out there for Snort (or any Snort 
derivative IDS that specs out Security Requirements and how Snort is 
intended to address these requirements that I could sort of use as a 
template to tailor my own so that I could justifiy this as the "right thing 
to do"?

Preferably one that ties the product into a process that can easily snap 
into generic Security Policies and procedures?

(I know there is no such thing as a generic policy...but just trust me on 
this one...) :)

Security Managers/Directors... you all know what I am talking about ;)

Any links would be greatly appreciated.


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