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Looks like you installed snort to \Program Files\Snort.  This is a known
issue with Windows/snort/idscenter.  Install Snort to a path with no spaces
in it such as \Snort183.
John Rodley

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Anyone know what to make of the following message, generated into a DOS
window when selecting the "Test Configuration" button:
|> IDScenter test console <|
-- Press ENTER after checking Snorts output --
Log directory = log
Initializing Network Interface \
ERROR: OpenPcap() FSM compilation failed:
        syntax error
PCAP command: Files\Snort\snort.conf -l C:\Program Files\Snort -A full -h
8.1.99/32 -i 1
Fatal Error, Quitting..
- Platform: Single CPU Intel Pentium III 933 w/512MB, running Windows 2000
- WinPcap Version: 2.2
- Network Interface: Realtek Ethernet 10/100 RTL8139

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