[Snort-users] Checkpoint FW1 Alerts to acid/Snort?

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You are able to send the CheckPoint FW-1 alerts, and logged information
to other sources.

Have you tried to look at www.phoneboy.com?

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This question is not 100% snort related but I hope sombody maybe able to
give some hints. We are using snort sensors for intrusion detection with
acid as
analysis console. Besides that we use Checkpoints Firewall-1 as, who'd
expect, firewalls. As we can not place a snort sensor next to every
firewall, the
question now is, if there is a posibility/tool to parse the dropped
alerts generated by the firewalls somehow into the database to enable
with acid alongside with the snort alerts. 
Can anybody help here.

Thanks a lot


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