[Snort-users] inittab

Justin Ferguson jnfergu at ...4504...
Tue Jan 8 15:30:02 EST 2002

i guess this isnt really a snort question other then the process being
spawned is snort, what i am doing is Im trying to keep snort running/ spawn
snort via inittab on a solaris 8 box, 
for whatever reason it does not spawn snort, it did, but it no longer does,
I thought perhaps it was because of the lack of having $LD_LIBRARY_PATH for
the user spawning it (thus it wouldnt start) but I have fixed that and it
still doesnt seem to, the line in inittab is:
fr:234:respawn:/path/to/snort <args>
which is correct as far as I can tell, there is no other process in inittab
w/ the id fr, i have told init to reread its file via init q/telinit q/etc,
but it seems to make no difference.

Again I am about out of idea's. So I guess if anyone has any ideas, I would
greatly appreciate them

thank you for your time,

j. ferguson
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