[Snort-users] what changes are required to move from MySQL to MSSQL?

skadhi skadhi at ...4497...
Tue Jan 8 10:51:02 EST 2002

On Mon, 2002-01-07 at 09:02, loveshinobi wrote:
> hi all,
> i got a question which i hope someone can help me with it
> i have successfully setup a Snort sensor on a RH machine to connect to a
> remote MySQL database. now, i need to use MSSQL instead of MySQl (boss
> preference...)
> question is what are the changes do i need to make? is it just a simple
> matter of changing the DB plug-in to point to the MSSQL? or are there any
> other changes to be done?
that + loading the snort DB schema in the mssql db

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