[Snort-users] Stopping repeats in Snort/Acid

Mike Coles bluelip at ...4476...
Sun Jan 6 19:29:02 EST 2002

> My question is this, I'm starting to get listings of people with "Kick-A$$
> P0rn" (this appears to be coming through from people getting html spam
> mail...among other things ;-)  When I look at ACID to get details on "K-A-P"
> I get more alerts from my machine to the ACID box.  How do I keep these from
> popping up?  By simply investigating 6 alerts in Acid, I can generate
> hundreds of additional alerts.  What's my solution?

	My solution is more of a klidge, but I ssh into the demarc/acid
box, export the display back to my own computer and run netscape. Netscape
will get the demarc/acid page from localhost and not eth? and then
send the display over to your own computer.

Mike Coles

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