[Snort-users] Compiling Snort for Mysql compat.

Dan Cave dan at ...4463...
Fri Jan 4 16:05:05 EST 2002

Hi all

I have been having some problems getting mysql and snort work together.

I have.. Obsd 2.8, (snort engine)  mysql-3.23.46 & snort-1.8.2.

At the moment I have a working snort config logging to /var/log/snort, but
to make things a little more elegant
Id like to get snort logging to my mysql db,.

When I try and reattempt to compile snort to include mysql libs like so.

/usr/src/snort# ./configure --with-mysql=/usr/src/mysql-3.23.46/libmysql

i get
checking for mysql... no

Where should I be pointing the --with-mysql to? Id like my snort binary to
be mysql friendly

Can anyone point me in the right direction?



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