[Snort-users] Deleting messages in ACID (wh~~~~

Daedalus daedalus at ...494...
Fri Jan 4 08:07:04 EST 2002

About how long should it take to delete ~1000 alerts from a Postgresql
database using ACID?

When I try this I get different results, none of them satisfactory.
Most often the browser will sit for a few hours then return the
top of an ACID page including the message about how many alerts
where added to the cache, but blank after that. The DB has about
150,000 alerts in it. (I'm still working on thining out my rule
sets ;-))

P2 500Mhz
RH 7.2
Postgresql the came with RH 7.2
latest ACID and required stuff

Thanks for any insight,

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