[Snort-users] core dump

William Hastings billh at ...4444...
Wed Jan 2 10:21:18 EST 2002

Here's the details: RedHat 7.1, Snort 1.8.3, MySQL 3.23.36-1, Acid 
0.9.6b19, external NIC has no IP.  Startup command is ./snort -di eth1.

I'm getting a segmentation fault (core dump) error a few seconds after 
starting snort.  It used to run for a few hours but that time kept getting 
smaller and smaller as the database filled up.  On the other hand the fewer 
rules it has to check against, the longer it runs.  I've already checked 
the bug section on snort.org and I'm wondering if someone who's had this 
issue found it to be a rule(s) problem or something else.  Thanks all. -Bill

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