[Snort-users] flex response and cisco span ports

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Wed Jan 2 08:43:11 EST 2002


I'm going to be implementing a distributed snort configuration soon and I
have a question regarding flex-response as that's something I'd like to use.

When snort has to respond [ie, send RST packets] I assume it sends them out
the interface it is listening on?  How does this work when monitoring a
cisco switched network?  Once I make a port a monitor port, it is read-only
and nothing can be sent out on it, so what I've done in the past is put 2
interfaces on my snort sensors.  One is a listener, the other is the
"management" port that I ssh to, etc, etc.

So I guess my question is this.. Can I make the sensor send it's
flex-response packets out the 'mgmt' port instead?  Surely there are other
people with an environment like this [snort, cisco catalyst switches,
flex-response] .. What's everyone else doing?



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