[Snort-users] Help needed: Performance Check & Traffic Capture

David Lambert dlambert at ...4245...
Tue Jan 1 17:19:18 EST 2002

On Tuesday 01 January 2002 06:55 pm, Erek Adams wrote:
> None.  That's an odd one.  What OS, Version/Build of Snort and hardware are
> you running this on?   Linux based?
Linux 2.4.17 kernel, 3c59x Network cards Athlon 1G2 768M...

> If it's Linux based, check the archives from the snort-dev list at
> http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/ for some patches provided by Phil Wood
> <cpw at ...440...> to make libpcap + Linux 2.4(?) play nice.

Thanks will look there, try patches and let all know results.

Note that this behaviour seems random, sometimes I get good stats.

Is it a co-incidence that nessus uses its own flavor of libpcap?


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