[Snort-users] Snort ver 1.8.4-beta2 gives bus error.....

Chris Green cmg at ...671...
Thu Feb 28 12:35:48 EST 2002

Phil Wood <cpw at ...440...> writes:

> You may have to code up the read and write of this space using some macros
> like tcpdump does.  The following macros extract those fields like:
>   if (IP_V(ip) == 6) (if ip version is ipv6)

Reading libdnet & tcpdump ( and more importantly understanding
alignment problems), I'm sure we can do it but the changes are rather
far reaching and definately won't be spit out from us for the stable
tree that we're trying hard to push out a new release of 1.8.4 soon.

We could even use a union but every single one of the derefences needs
to be altered a bit then ( though the macro idea is better )
Chris Green <cmg at ...671...>
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