[Snort-users] tarball of ArachNIDS available

Nibar Anonymous novalupo at ...131...
Thu Feb 28 09:28:05 EST 2002

Static snapshot of whitehats.com ArachNIDS:
(arachnids.tar.gz is 1,651,507 bytes)

Unpack this into any local directory and access the
index.html file with your browser. The HTML has been
rewired with relative hyperlinks so that it is
self-contained. The quick-and-dirty perl scripts used
are included.

I did this not to rip off the whitehats.com site, but
to get a local pure HTML copy of ArachNIDS to browse
through in association with the Snort alerts I was
seeing on my home network. My preference was to link
directly to whitehats.com, but communications with the
site was problematic (it was up some of the time, and
down much of the time). I am also under the impression
that whitehats.com and the information on that site is
gone/lost and not available elsewhere for the
immediate future. It's obvious that the maintainer of
the ArachNIDS information was doing an excellent job,
so a mere snapshot is going to be less useful as time
passes. I will remove this tarball if asked, and I
plan on only having it there temporarily. So, grab a
copy ASAP if you have a use for it.

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