[Snort-users] one way ethernet cable performance

Mike Shaw mshaw at ...3165...
Wed Feb 27 14:42:08 EST 2002

Internal network -> Firewall -> *Hub -> Router -> Internet

*one way cable location

This particular hub will only have 3 or 4 network connections at any given 
time:  the firewall, the router, the snort sensor port, and a different 
sniff-type analyzer.  I guess my perception is that if the one way cable is 
rebroadcasting all the packets back into the hub, does that double the 
traffic and/or greatly magnify any network troubles on that hub?


At 04:34 PM 2/27/2002 -0600, Chris Green wrote:
>Mike Shaw <mshaw at ...3165...> writes:
> > I'm about to work up a one-way cable (for use in a hub), but I'm a bit
> > concerned about the effect it will have on the network.
> >
> > Since the traffic is broadcast back out into the hub, does that create
> > performance issues on that collision domain?  This will be at a rather
> > critical point on a network and I can't afford to introduce ethernet
> > oddities.
> >
>Please diagram your situation; I don't think we can answer it without
>knowing where your hub will be and where the 1 way cable will be.
>Chris Green <cmg at ...671...>
>You now have 14 minutes to reach minimum safe distance.

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