[Snort-users] Second Sensor/NIC and SNMP

Stuart Hall sdenigma at ...125...
Tue Feb 26 14:41:15 EST 2002

Wondering if anyone had some relevant information for running SNMP with 
Snort.  I see the variables in the snort.conf but I'm not the strongest SNMP 
user so was hoping there was a nice reference page available (other than the 

Also, my Snort box has been running for several months but I want to add a 
second NIC and sensor for mysql/demarc.  I can get the sensor to register in 
Demarc but it always binds to the wrong NIC.  I have three NIC's, one 
runnign snort, one internally accessible and one that won't bind.  This is 
on W2K.  Any suggestions?  Am I missing an mysql step?

Thanks,  Stuart

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