[Snort-users] Starting eth1 in promiscuous mode help.

Wayne Ringling wayne at ...4265...
Mon Feb 25 19:07:08 EST 2002

 I have two nics in my box,  ones a built on the mb realtek 8139 and I have
it configed for the internal lan and it working fine(protected by another
box acting as firewall)  and a second one that is an intel pro 10/100 S
Desktop Adaptor that I want to bring up as eth1.  In the past I usually used
the same card type for both nics but this box is different. So when I type
to "ifconfig eth1 up"  it says "eth1: unknown interface: No such device"
how can I bring eth1 online without a ip address in this fashion?  Thanks
for any advice.

Wayne R

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