[Snort-users] Help: Error opening adapter (on Win NT)

Ralf.Strandell at ...4718... Ralf.Strandell at ...4718...
Mon Feb 25 03:51:02 EST 2002


When I do a test run of Snort using "test configuration" in IDS Center, I
get the following error message:

Initializing Network Interface
ERROR: OpenPcap() device  open:
Error opening adapter
Fatal error, Quitting

The network connection is working, there is only one adapter (adapter 1) in
the system and my access level is "Admin & Local". I'm using Windows NT 4.0
with service pack 6, WinPcap, Snort and IDS Center installed.

	-Why is there TWO spaces between "device" and "open"?
	-Why can't the adapter be opened?

Please help...

Ralf Strandell

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