[Snort-users] Newbie Tip for Newbies Vol2: mysql issues

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Sun Feb 24 23:46:02 EST 2002

> You are advising us Newbies to install
> Cygwin
> WebMIN
> to install snort on Win32 (Windows2000)?

Sorry if this was a little ..ahem... fuzzy. I think I should get some sleep
What I was trying to say was:
Installation and configuration of mySQL on Win32 (with snort database) was
Installation and configuration of mySQL on SuSE 7.3 was not, although I went
through the procedure several times and checked if I did anything wrong. 
So I installed Webmin on the SuSE 7.3 and voila, configuration is absolutely

Here is my testing-scenario:
+Win2K Advanced Server management-station collecting data from remote
Snortsensor on SuSE 7.3.
+local mySQL database on Snortsensor storing the same data local for
redundancy reasons
  (although this config is not recommended for performance reasons, I think)

> This along the lines of recommending the
> beta Snort/IDScenter installer 1.0 that didn't work to
> Newbies as V.1?

With this one I tried to tell people that the installer on silicondefense
works far better than the one on snort.org (yes, its a different version AND it
has the correct path settings AND it includes WinPcap, so questions like "do
I have to install winpcap?" are no longer an issue)

> Just wondering who is funning us Newbies, and how much.
Nobody trying to funny you.
Note: Newbie Tip for Newbies shall imply that I am a Newbie, too.
Maybe I should better write: A Newbie's tip for Newbies ;-)

> Hard at work,
> Newbie

I am working hard to improve my expression in english, so please forgive

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