[Snort-users] Snort Config v 0.2.1

A.L.Lambert max at ...1806...
Sun Feb 24 18:22:04 EST 2002

	Just thought I'd announce that I've just released a (very) BETA
tool called Snort Config.  It's the early stages of my attempts to make a
tool to ease the pain of new snort users who are having a rough go of
editing snort.conf by hand and/or those who just like a handy menu
selector over a text editor.  It also makes attempts to sanity check the
input, warn users about errors and/or potential errors, and has an
online-help facility for quick "what's this about" info regarding the
various options.

	This is the first public beta release, and I whipped out the code
while typing full throttle, so you can expect some bugs.  I can say that
it works for me, and I haven't found anything major wrong with it
bug-wise, but past experience has taught me that doesn't prove much. :)

	Not all of the ideas/ideals for this project have been implemented
yet, but it has reached the stage where I'd call it useful (ie: the menu
system is relatively easy to work with,, and when you get done selecting
your options, it will write (what I hope) is a sane snort.conf file.).  
The 2 big things it's still missing are code to read an existing
snort.conf file and use it to set the defaults (most of which I can
probably borrow from snort, but haven't gotten around to yet), and runtime
config options to let you tell it where to find your rules files, and that
kind of thing.  Also I want to code a lot more sanity checking of user
input, and a ton of little things that I figure didn't absolutely have to
be finished before the first public beta.

	Anyway, if such a tool sounds like fun to you, I'm in search of
some beta testers, and you're more than welcome to give it a shot and tell
me what you think of it, improvements/changes you'd like to see, ideas on
new features, etc.  Feedback is appreciated.

	So, if you're still game after all that's been said, point your
browser of choice at http://www.xjack.org/snortconf/ and download your
preferred distribution flavor (tar.gz, RPM, or SRPM), and READ THE
README's, INSTALL, and such BEFORE you build/install and try it out.

	I am not currently subscribed to this list, so please direct
replies to my personal e-mail address.  Thanks in advance, and apologies
if this is a bit off topic.


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