[Snort-users] Newbie Tip for Newbies Vol2: mysql issues

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Sun Feb 24 06:25:03 EST 2002

You see me quite chatty today 
(someone must have switched on the very-verbose mode -vv ;-)).

Here goes:
Anyone who is new to snort AND mySQL should really consider installing
Webmin for mySQL configuration.

I had some problems with mySQL - although I went through the FAQ, README,
HOWTO, manpages and retried configuration several times, doublechecking,
triplechecking, having already successfully installed and configured on Win2k - I
couldnt get the "fu§$' :-("  database to apply the permissions I assigned for
a certain user on  SuSE.

I use WEBMIN (its intuitive), get snort logging to mySQL up and running,
learn mySQL later, spare other peoples nerves ;-)

Hope to help somoeone whith that.
D. Liesen

PS: I will post my next issues tomorrow, in order not to appear penetrant

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