[Snort-users] annoying html mail and attachments

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Sun Feb 24 04:38:02 EST 2002

Going through the snort-users mail of the last month and reading the last
one, where I also posted some mail containing an attachment, I reckognized some
very annoying problem -http mail and in-line-attachments- dont say it has
been discussed before - I know it has, but it obviously didnt solve the
I dont say I am not to be blaimed, too - just look at that attachment,
created by gmx webmail.

I would say: information is the key!

No one likes to annoy other readers for purpose, but there are many
different implementations for sending mail and attachments and its somehow difficult
to keep track of all oddities (speaking for me).

Couldnt there be (or is there actually something I missed) some information
for forum-users, how to prevent html mail and how to properly attach files
(not like in my last one)?

I am thinking of something like the "how to unsubscribe..." information in
the header of the list.

Sorry if my question about how to use mail properly seems stupid, but if so,
there are must be many stupid people out there... ;-)

I prefer using webmail for certain reasons, not for fun.


" It is no shame not to know, but it is a shame not wanting to know."

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