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I agree that we should help rather than belittle people... especially in 
a public forum. That is what we are all here for.  However,  In an 
effort to dispell some myth you hold on host security I include this 
idea. Perhaps noone is interested in what you have on your box. Perhaps 
they just want to use your box as a platform to attack mine... Now, 
 good host security takes on a whole new perspective.  So please be 
vigilant about the security of your exposed boxes. No need to make the 
cracker's job any easier.  Plug up that XP box befor you win the grand 
prize next week.  : )


Ryan Lindsey wrote:

>I agree. Some of us aren't exactly the most knowledgable on computer
>security. That's why we are subscribed to this list. Yes, maybe this guy
>doesn't know what he is doing but who cares? What effect does it have on
>you? I have a WinXP box for video games and junk and it's probably wide
>open. If someone wants to hack my box and check out my counter-strike
>config, have at it. Like I have anything worth knowing about on my computer
>anyway. Maybe some good porn but that's about it. Anyway, sorry for the
>rant, but you shouldn't beat down on someone just because they don't know
>what they are doing, much less make it public.
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>>On Friday 22 February 2002 04:48 pm, Jeff Jennings wrote:
>>>This week's grand prize goes to
>>>For allowing PUT rights on Port 80 (I wonder how many hackers are
>>>lurking here).
>>>Being vulnerable on Port 25 and many other ports...
>>>Anyone need an open relay?
>>Ok, now, I don't mean to be a dick... but...
>>Posting someone else's IP to the list, at least in my book, qualifies as
>>practice. Granted, the guy's box may be insecure, but so are those of the
>>majority of the Win box owners out there. Hell, for all we know, this list
>>subscribed to by countless lurking script-kiddies just _hoping_ someone
>>post info like this to the list.
>>Let's all do the world a favor and help each other _improve_ the security
>>each other's networks. If you're really concerned, try to contact the
>>owner of the box, or more easily, his ISP, and notify him/them of the
>>problem. Posting his IP could be constitued as _part_ of the problem.
>>In this case, I think I'll take a drink on your behalf as well... ;)
>>>No wonder the guy is spewing Code Reds...
>>>We just ran a port scan and tested the guy.
>>>Some guy running IIS over a DSL connection with a site that is listed as
>>>"Under Construction".
>>>Just another unsuspecting guy who installed IIS on his home computer and
>>>has no idea of how to protect it.
>>Yeah, you're right, they represent the vast majority of the population,
>>let's educate them rather than humiliating them and making them more of a
>>target than they likely already are.
>>Again, I'm not trying to be mean, just wanna be helpful...
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