OT: [Snort-users] A case of beer on

Chris Keladis Chris.Keladis at ...2783...
Fri Feb 22 18:22:03 EST 2002

spyguy703 wrote:

> Ryan, hackers don't want your data (at least not all of them).
> Most hackers want your machine to use in DoS or DDoS attacks.
> Hackers can use your PC to do things for them. They don't care about your
> data, games, or porn.
> So protecting you PC should be a concern, even if you only use it for games.
> The better the CPU, RAM, HD, and DSL speed, the better the tool you have
> given hackers.
> Get a firewall, any firewall. Even use the XP built in firewall. Close those
> ports, its the least you can do.


And if they really dislike you, they'll bounce off your box and try to
hack some .mil or .gov site and get *you* into lots of trouble.

And with Windows' extensive logging, you'll be able to prove it wasn't
you, right? :)

It's the same with locking up your car and setting your alarm, we may
not all be criminal experts, but we do it anyway to protect our
property, and others, indirectly.

Not trying to pick on you Ryan, just trying to point out that it's a tad
irresponsible saying 'to hell with it, i've got nothing important'.. The
implications may be more than you first realize.



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