[Snort-users] flexresp

Grant Parkinson grantp at ...5057...
Fri Feb 22 14:10:10 EST 2002

If the snort sensor is not serving as a GW it should be located on a 
segment or mirrored port through which it can view the connections you 
would like to RST.  Snort is not modifying the data 'in-flight', it is 
sending an RST with spoofed source addr and sequence.

Have a look at README.FLEXRSP for additional info.

  grant p.

>I built snort machine with mysql support.I didn't include flexresp. I just
>wonder-can I use flexresp if machine is not a default gateway for the
>network? If it is not the dg, then how it will reset some connections and
>prevent them from getting inside the network?
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