[Snort-users] barnyard-0.1.0beta4

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Thanks Steve, that's exactly the information I was looking for.

The regular Snort tables do exist in both Acid and Demarc, so it should be fine.

Developers, you should consider changing the plugin name so as not to confuse weenies like me!

Thanks to all who helped.


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> The Barnyard DB plugin uses the exact same DB structure as the Snort
> Database output plugin.  The fact that Barnyard calls it the "Acid" DB
> plugin is kind of a misnomer.  So (and I know nothing about Demarc) if
> Demarc uses the database structure that snort uses with its DB plugin, then
> it is 100% compatible.  The Acid specific tables (acid_event et al.) are not
> touched by Barnyard.
> >If, by "There are probably a few quirks but its the same 
> >format" you're referring to the incompatible database schemas 
> >in use, then
> >yes, it's the same.
> >
> >Demarc uses a different database structure than Acid.

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