[Snort-users] Wierd error with snort-stat.pl.

Erek Adams erek at ...577...
Thu Feb 21 13:32:03 EST 2002

Anyone out there seeing any issues with snort-stat.pl?  I'm unable to pass it
a full alert file and have it process it correctly.

When I send it the full alert file, all I get is headers for the breakdowns,
and a listing of IP's who triggered spp_portscan.  Nothing else.  No dates,
no times, no IP's, no stats...  Nothing.

Here's a snippet....

[erek at ...3978...]~#cat alert | ./ss.pl
Subject: snort daily report

The log begins from:   ::
The log ends     at:   ::
Total events: 0
Signatures recorded: 0
Source IP recorded: 0
Destination IP recorded: 0
Portscan recorded: 7


Nothing else other than the 7 portscans listed at the end....

Anyone have any ideas on this?

Erek Adams

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