[Snort-users] Snort Snarf

Scott Taylor scottt at ...4859...
Thu Feb 21 12:29:10 EST 2002

I've got snort working like a champ. Yesterday 
snort-snarf was running like a champ as well. I 
had scheduled it to run every 5min using crond. 
It worked great all yesterday, I checked the 
page every so often an the time stamp was 
changing and the page updating. At a certain 
time however it stopped working. When I got in 
this morning several crond process's were 
running and trying to execute the perl script. 
But they were all hung. I killed them all and 
disabled crond. Now when I run the same command 
I was running yesterday it just hang's. Any 
ideas as what may have happend? I checked my 
logs and nothing related seemed to show up.

Take 5 drinks
Thanks, for you help.


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