[Snort-users] Newbie Tip for Newbies - snort installer from s ilicondefense

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Wed Feb 20 15:33:04 EST 2002

No flames here, I agree but...

I could never get idscenter to work with the install. First the space in
"Program Files" seemed to cause problems for it then some other error, and
then I lost interest. The command line works just as well for me.

All things considered Matt is right the installer seems to be the be the
best way to go.

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> This installer probably provides the fastest way to get snort up and
> with idscenter.
> (flame me, if I am wrong ;-) )

The Snort 1.83 WIn32 installer from snort.org installs Snort and


(Though this is the one which breaks winpcap and Snort on my Win2K
server -- still puzzling over that).

Matt Whelan <matt at ...5000...>

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