[Snort-users] Problem connecting to local mysql with new acid

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Please see the answer to the questions below. I had several machines running
snort and log to mysql and using ACID to pull the reports. Couple of things

Dose your snort logging successfully to mysql...!For me its look like the
problem u have is not with ACID its Mysql problem. Don't use the socket
option when u compile Mysql, try that and see if still have a problem. 

Best Regards

Ohanes Semerjian

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>>I receive the following error message:
>>Warning: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket
>>'/tmp/mysql.sock' (111) in
>>/var/www/html/acid/adodb-mysql.inc.php on line 81

- does this file exist ? [ohanes] if u mean /tmp/mysql.sock then yes it dose

- if yes, what access rights on it ? [ohanes] 4777
- try to launch the mysql server with the --socket option, using a different
directory in whoch mysqld will create its socket file and for which it has
required rights.
- note that you can specify this path in your configuration file (generally
/etc/my.cnf) like that :




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