[Snort-users] new snort DNS preprocessor, 1.2

Scott Campbell scampbell at ...4560...
Wed Feb 20 10:49:28 EST 2002

After getting feedback about portability issues, I have put together the 
1.2 release of the DNS preprocessor.  This time around I have removed 
the dependencies on the header files and the native -lresolv library.

The usual caveats apply here - the software seems to compile clean on 
Solaris (8) and FreeBSD 4.4, but I have yet to try it on any form of 
Linux or Windows.

To get hold of the code and to get more information, go to:


(my apologies about the irritating popup windows ...)

Feel free to provide useful feedback to this address.  <plug> Even 
employment offers  - I am looking around for work. </plug>


Scott Campbell
Senior Unix Systems Engineer

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