[Snort-users] Real time alerting with multiple sensors

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let the snort machines log into one machine that run a database either Mysql
or PostgreSQL
and run ACID on the same machine that u run the database one.

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Ohanes Semerjian

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Subject: [Snort-users] Real time alerting with multiple sensors

I've this problem, and this doubt for resolving it...
witch is the best chioice to have a real time feedback in my scenario ?
plz tell me wich is the best choice

The Scenario

+ About 10 sensors in a routed  MAN.
+ need to log to PostgreSQL for an historical purpose.
+ need to have a realtime feedback.

naturally i want to concentrate logs in one servers, and no to keep them

Solutions for real time feedback:

1) snmp traps to central server, snmptrapd scripted to send alerts by e-mail
(anyone knows some program to attach to snmptrapd?)
2) syslogd-ng from all sensors to central server, incident.pl running by
crond every 5 second and alerting by e-mail.

witch is the best solution ?
anyone has other solutions and/or some programs that can help me ??

thanks in advance.

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