[Snort-users] Options

SkatFiend at ...661... SkatFiend at ...661...
Mon Feb 18 11:35:02 EST 2002

Both have their strengths and weaknesses. Demarc is a slicker interface and has some generic server-system monitoring capabilities as well as the ability to perform MD5 file integrity checking on *NIX and Microsoft platforms. ACID has some grouping and sorting functions that are lacking in Demarc.

I use both at this time. Hope this helps.

Cliff Arms

I need some general recommendation - I was running snort 1.8.2 for a while and I was using simple perl script to represent snort log file in html form.
Now there is a need to have it logged centrally to mysqldatabase and I just wonder which one should I use - ACID, DEMARC or other? Which one better and which one is more stable and less 'pain in the neck' to configure?

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