[Snort-users] Win32 Device disappearance

Matt Whelan matt at ...5000...
Sun Feb 17 08:50:05 EST 2002

> I updated my Win32 Snort from 1.81 to 1.83 today, and now it has "lost"
> its interfaces.

Okay, I uninstalled everything, and started again from scratch -- Snort
1.81 and winpcap 2.2. Snort shows my interfaces correctly, and works.

Then I installed 1.83, interfaces disappeared again . . .

Should this happen? Should I have winpcap 2.3? (I tried 2.3 at one point,
no change, but I'm not sure if I rebooted often enough in between :-)

> I am decidedly puzzled.


Matt Whelan <matt at ...5000...>

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