[Snort-users] Query execution error: Database ERROR:Unknown column 'ip_src0' in 'field list'

Bruce Platt Bruce at ...2105...
Fri Feb 15 10:12:04 EST 2002

I now have yesterday's snort-stable running and logging happily to a mysql
db. Using acid 0.9.6b20, I receive the following error when attempting to
query db about alert details:

Database ERROR:Unknown column 'ip_src0' in 'field list'.  Similar error for

Looking at some posts using a google search suggests that last year there
was some discussion related to b10 release of acid and the fact that not all
necessary code was committed.

Examining the snort-stable/contrib/create_mysql shows no fields labled
ip_src0 in the definitions, however, there are clearly a field labeled
ip_src in the iphdr table definition as well as ip_dst.

Have I left out an important step somewhere, should I have used some other
version of create_mysql?

Thanks and regards

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