[Snort-users] cvs vs. snort-stable

Chris Green cmg at ...671...
Wed Feb 13 05:10:05 EST 2002

Alwin Raymundo <alrayworld at ...131...> writes:

> Hi Guys,
> What is the difference between snort downloaded
> through cvs and snort-stable aside from version :-).
> Which better version to use?

The snort-stable snapshot is of the SNORT_1_8 branch of CVS which is
the contiuation of the 1.8.3 line -> 1.8.4. Theres one somewhat
annoying bug that pops up on me which might be related to be the same
thing Phil Wood is trying to figure out

The HEAD branch of CVS is what will become 1.9 and is where
new development is moving.  This one can break on you at a drop of the

Use the stable snapshot and subscribe to snort-cvs. It's much lower
traffic than here and it tells you when code is updated.  My honest
opion is to use the stable CVS on your sensors where possible until
1.8.4 can be released.
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