[Snort-users] Fw: BAD TRAFFIC same SRC/DST

Saint James the_saint_james at ...131...
Tue Feb 12 00:09:07 EST 2002

 Grabbed  the MAC address on these,
>  it is not a local router for either. 

James here.....

I can see how this statement was confusing. I do
realize layer 2 is always local/LAN and does not
"follow" the IP. I've never seen my Snort box, my
office is 100 miles away from where it sniffs. Not
till I got out the network maps did I realize I was
assuming the wrong routers/MACS. Once I was looking in
the right place, the DST (MAC) resolves to the
Ethernet on the border router. That makes more sence. 

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