[Snort-users] create table schema

Onie Camara neil at ...4898...
Mon Feb 11 22:24:02 EST 2002

In the snort source under contrib, there is a file there named create_mssql.
My question is, what should I put in place of [schema] in this line?
Actually, it's the first line.

CREATE TABLE [schema] ( vseq NUMERIC(10,0) NOT NULL,
                        ctime       DATETIME      NOT NULL,
                        PRIMARY KEY (vseq))
INSERT INTO [schema]  (vseq, ctime) VALUES ('104', GETDATE())

In contrib/create_mysql, the word "schema" was used. But in MS Sql 7.0,
schema is a reserved word. I tried to remove the brackets but it wouldn't
create it.

Assuming you replied to me with snort_schema as a replacement, what
files should I modify on the snort source before I compile it?



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