[Snort-users] Multiple sensors over WAN

Onie Camara neil at ...4898...
Mon Feb 11 20:10:03 EST 2002

hi guys,

what would be the ideal design/architecture for setting up multiple snort
over wide area network?

Required/output: centralized management

let say we have 5 sites

1.) is it ideal to have 1 centralized snort mgmt sensor and configure other
sensors to remotely populate the central snort mgmt via sql(such as mysql,
or odbc-ms-sql)?

2.) or is it ideal to have each sensors have their own db ang frontend like
acid or demarc?

3.) is there a way to modify multiple sensors rule without having to go to
each sensors?

4.) please advice me with the best working design with multiple sensors over

Thanks in advance.


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