[Snort-users] www.snort.org off the net ???

Michael J McCafferty mmmmm at ...4930...
Sun Feb 10 15:19:02 EST 2002

         Did a traceroute, stops a the same place. Looked up the IP, it's 
Bell Atlantic's, allocated to Cintronix, Inc (32 addreses). I ping scanned 
the 32 addresses and a couple are up and one other host is up on that 
network (cerberus.sourcefire.com), plus the broadcast and the router.... so 
the circuit is not dead. Must be the server !


At 03:46 PM 2/10/2002 -0600, Rich Adamson wrote:
>Or, had too many beers!
> > Maybe he blew a circuit breaker in his house.
> >
> > > Same here in Nebraska. Traceroute stops in the same place.
> > >
> > > ------------------------
> > > > I have not been able to contact www.snort.org since midday Saturday
> > > > local time.  I trust someone is aware of the problem.
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