[Snort-users] Snort and M$ Access?????

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Take a look at www.unixodbc.org

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> Sorry, but I'm forced to ask this...
> I have recently gotten Snort 1.8.3 running with mysql and ACID 0.9.6b19 on
> couple of RedHat 7.2 boxen (I know, Marty - I'm working on learning *BSD
> well enough to correct the error of my ways).  Everything is working
> and I love it.  Today, the bosses come to me and ask if we can make Snort
> output to an Access database instead.  Knowing where this is going, I try
> fend it off by telling a little lie about what databases Snort supports
> (mysql and postgres only).  So, they ask about dumping the mysql database
> info into an Access file or flat text so Access can read it in.
> they want to store the data on our "more secure" Win2k server.  Keep in
> that these are the same people who won't let me use open source software
> because someone might have compiled a trojan in to the source I'm
> downloading...
> Anyway, what I really need to know is, does there exist some tool that
> allow for "easy" (meaning little work for me, and I don't care how much
> for others) migration/transport of the mysql database info from my Linux
> machine to their Win2K box?  If so, does there exist a tool to pull that
> info back out in a usable format - something comparable to ACID or
> SnortSnarf?
> I don't even know what else to ask, because I'm still flat on my back from
> effectively being told that my Linux machine (which only has ssh and the
> stunnel connection for mysql input from other sensors open) is not as
> as their Win2K machine (which acts as the department print and file
> and had IIS running unbeknownst to our admin for 6+ months until we
> discovered it in a routine scan before Christmas).  As I understand more
> what the bosses want, I may be back with more questions.
> Oh yea, and I may be slightly biased against the M$ based solution, but if
> someone can show me a good way to do this with an M$ OS and an M$
> I'll at least seriously consider it.
> Randy Graham
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