[Snort-users] Re: demarc

SkatFiend at ...661... SkatFiend at ...661...
Fri Feb 8 09:41:03 EST 2002

YES, I and I got a few bruises to prove it... ;)

It was one of those, its so simple I missed it for a while, the snort classification.conf was not being read.

What I did was simply copy the contents of the classification.conf onto the end of the snort.conf file in the Demarc web page interface and the resave the config file and it works.


Subj:   demarc 
Date:   Fri, 8 Feb 2002 12:24:05 PM Eastern Standard Time 
From:   Jeff Jennings <Jeff.Jennings at ...4895...> 
To:   "'SkatFiend at ...661...'" <SkatFiend at ...661...> 
Cliff, did you ever get rid of those nasty 
'bad priority setting' error messages.
I am getting the same and can't seem to get rid of them...
- jeff 

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