[Snort-users] OT: SF Bay Area Snort Meeting!

Erek Adams erek at ...577...
Thu Feb 7 10:54:04 EST 2002

[Pardon the final troll thru the list, but just making sure everyone who wants
to make it can come!]

When:  Saturday, Feb. 16th at 3:30pm  (Early enough to get outa town at a
decent hour if you have a long drive...)

Where: Zeke's Sports Bar, at the intersection of 4th and Brannon in San

Info on Zekes:  http://bayarea.citysearch.com/profile/880064/

Food:  You can expect Hamburgers, fries, nachos, chilli, french dip,
hotwings, grilled cheese, and two daily specials.  What's good?  Well, it's
not a 4 star resturant, but nothing I've had (ie, most of it...) has ever been
bad.  They will take care of almost any odd request, so don't be shy about
asking for something wierd (burger with no bun... :).

Map to Zekes:

(The map can also produce driving directions for you....)

What:  Well, If nothing else--A beer or two and generic BS'ing about Snort or
whatever.  :)  It'll be nice to get to know some of the faces behind the
names on the list.

How Long:  'Till we decide to leave.  :)

Please let me know if you will be able to be there, so that I can let the
folks at Zeke's know how many of us to expect.

Erek Adams

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