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Thu Feb 7 09:56:04 EST 2002

I've tried monitoring port 1214 and have not been able to correlate that traffic with known Morpheus installs. It seems to be a popular port for other "chatty" applications. I'll try adding "GET" as an additional qualifier. Also, 1214 is the default port for Morpheus, but it can be configured to use any port. -chip

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I'd just watch for "GET" coming in on TCP 1214...  Kazaa and Morpheus use the same engine..
This way you even get to see what their tastes in music are.  :)

---==On Thu, 7 Feb 2002 08:50:48 -0800 (PST), Bob Van Cleef wrote==---
>In one report I saw this quote:
>Some might see this merely as a cautionary tale for Morpheus users:
>sharing files, they should realize that they are opening up their
>computer--if only a few files on it--to strangers. They must take
>responsibility for what they are doing.
>Unfortunately, the problem strikes more deeply than that. If the
>compromised machine is part of an organization's network, that
>becomes a stepping-stone to compromising the entire network. This
>thus can endanger an entire network. Sysadmins must ensure that user
>machines have the appropriate sharing safeguards. This may be
>with systems that share everything as the default. In the long run,
>the compromised networks that pay the price for free music.
>Is there a signature that would alert me if someone was running
>Morpheus or an equivalent program on one of our systems?

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