[Snort-users] Tracking internal users with snort

Nikitser, Peter peter_nikitser at ...3162...
Wed Feb 6 21:59:03 EST 2002


I've scanned the archives and read the User Manual, but couldn't find
an answer to the challenge I have at present.

I have been asked if it is possible to track certain individuals
within the organisation I'm currently contracting to.  These users
have the IP number assigned via DHCP, and S2.2.3 of the User Manual
states that name resolution is not supported, so it looks like IP
numbers are what I'll have to use.

Some scenarios we've thought of are:

  1) the user may have their IP address changed via DHCP, e.g. they
go on holidays;
  2) they purposefully use another PC to avoid detection

A solution I've thought of, is using statically assigned MAC -> IP
address via DHCP.  This solution obviously falls outside the scope of
snort, but can snort be configured to track packet payloads with user
credentials or hostnames?  Has anybody tackled something like this

Thanks, Peter.


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