[Snort-users] local codered infection

Ryan Russell ryan at ...35...
Wed Feb 6 12:33:04 EST 2002

On Wed, 6 Feb 2002, Phil Wood wrote:

> > CodeRed.b is the only active one out there at the moment.  It doesn't
> > contain the string "cmd.exe".  That was Codered II (CodeRed.c and
> > CodeRed.d).
> For what it's worth, I saw 113,281 WEB-IIS cmd.exe accesses yesterday.

I should have said "the only active Code Red out there at the moment."
Yours would be Nimda, and possibly a few Sadmind and manual attempts.  The
original poster was only asking about Code Red, but Nimda is certainly
worth mentioning in this context.  Sorry for the omission.


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