[Snort-users] newbie can't log packets; windump/win snort.exe

Humble Ron rhumble at ...468...
Wed Feb 6 11:59:05 EST 2002

I have just subscribed to the list 020206:20Z

I have read the faq and am trying to use snort.exe and or windump
on a Win95/RedHat linux 7.1 machine when dialing into an ISP via
a 56K modem. I am successful with both tcpdump and snort in linux.

The IDSCenter GUI works fine and I obtain my dynamicly assigned
IP address. If I use the -b switch a zero byte log file is created but

Windump -D yeilds : 1 PPPMAC; 2 PPPMAC and 3 pptp

I have tried snort from a DOS window and the GUI...no luck.
I imagine I have omitted something simple. Please help.

Ron H.

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